January 23, 2014, DAYTON, OHIO – Imagine being weak, afraid and hours from death. You haven’t had food or water for weeks. You are scared and truly alone. This was the hand that was dealt to one dog. On November 1, 2012, a person called the Humane Society of Greater Dayton frantic to help an animal he discovered in an abandoned home. Alexander, as our staffed named him, was locked in the basement. There were no signs of water or food for Alex and he was eating foam from a mattress to survive. Our staff rushed Alex to an emergency clinic where he received days of medical care and round-the-clock treatment. We didn’t think he would make it through the weekend and were encouraged to find him still fighting for life as a new week started. Once stabilized, Alex came back to our shelter. It still took him three days to even have enough strength to lift up his head, but soon he did. A few more weeks went by and he took his first steps. He was on the mend! With our tireless efforts to care for Alex, our staff became so attached to him. However, as Alex grew stronger, we noticed that he did not get along well with other animals. Thanks to a generous supporter of our organization, we sent Alex to a training facility in Detroit where he became more accustomed to working with other animals. After months in this facility learning not just behavioral adjustments, but also basic commands such as sit and stay, Alex came back to our shelter. Still, being in a kennel environment was difficult for Alex. He has a huge personality and loves to be out exploring with people. Knowing that it wasn’t fair for Alex to stay cooped up in a kennel all day, we worked with a second behaviorist in the Dayton area to focus more on getting Alex accustomed to other dogs and to make even more improvements to ready him for adoption. Now, we need the community’s help! Alex is ready to find a forever home! After about a year and a half of working with this great dog, the Humane Society wants to give Alex the second chance at a great life that he so deserves! Alex needs an experienced dog owner who can continue to work with Alex on some of his behavior issues. We would also recommend that he is the only animal in the home. “Alex is a very sweet and loving dog and with the help of our community we are confident that he will find the home,” said Brian Weltge, President and CEO of the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. “We saved his life and now we want the community to help us give him a forever home he deserves.”