Some of you may remember the photos I post here 8 years ago!  My niece Reenie gave birth to a baby girl.  Unfortunately there were complications and Starilyn Emily Lynn Decker was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Starilyn's parents were told she would probably never eat on her own. 

Starilyn was a fighter though!

Medical professionals sent her home months later with feeding tubes.  Two weeks later Reenie brought her back and informed the professionals that Starilyn was eating on her own!

Today is Starilyn's 8th birthday! She brings joy to everyone in her life and is a miracle and blessing from above.  Reenie's facebook status today:

"Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Starilyn Emily Lynn Decker.  You're 8 years old, and to me you're still my baby...You're living proof God exists, that he answers prayers, and that if he brings you to it, he can bring you through it.  You have always been my miracle, and you will always be his masterpiece.  I love you sweet pea.  Happy Birthday"


(Photo credit: Reenie Zdunowski)

You may also be wondering why the name "Starilyn" sounds so familiar?  It's because the name was made up by my Grandmother for MY Mom, Starilyn Emily :)

Reenie and Dale named this little Angel after an actual Angel.