WOW.  I just can't describe it any other way!  Some people never get to go to Hollywood to see their favorite celebrity's star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Not only did I get to see mine, I got to watch mine GET his star!  Not only did I get to watch him get his star, but I got to go to a private reception meant for his family and close personal friends before the ceremony and congratulate him personally! UNREAL experience. 

I asked the security guards for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce this question: "Do stars Bon Jovi, Brad Pitt etc ever have fans at their walk of fame reception"? "There is a fan-pit if people are around to watch" "Yeah but I mean the actual reception prior to the ceremony" "Oh you mean the one with the food and the family?"  "yeah that one" "oh God no!" ;) THAT is the kind of guy Rick Springfield is. To allow some of his loyal fans to attend his private reception....incredible!  I felt like a guest at his house.  In fact, when I congratulated him on behalf of myself and Jeff Stevens he thanked me and then said "have a bagel!" :) SO cute.

Since I have SO many photos from this ceremony, from the book signing for his new book "Magnificent Vibration" and from his "Stripped" (solo) show on Mother's Day, I am creating a photo album to share the experience with you.  Photo credits include Claire Springfield, Renata Hearn, Debbie Mitchell and my iphone!

By the way, his book is available on Amazon and your local bookstore and the documentary "An Affair of the heart" (not done BY Rick but it's about Rick and the unique relationship he has with his fans) is now available on iTunes.

What a fantastic trip!  I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to honor my favorite rock star of all time, Rick Springfield :)

CLICK HERE to see the photos!

Here I am looking at my tattoo in disbelief that the guy who signed my leg (tattoo on my ankle) had just received his star on the Hollywood walk of fame and I was there to see it happen! :)

Photo credit: Debbie Mitchell