I had the pleasure of being a judge for a photo contest! It's a really cool thing that Woodland Cemetary does each year. There are adult and youth categories and then it breaks down into themes.  Really REALLY nice photography done by these folks! Of course not everyone can win so if yours didn't - blame Bucher!

Oh, did I not mention my friend and yours Jim Bucher and I were judges? Leave it to Bucher to make people laugh in a mausoleum ;)  I really thought it might be spooky but WOW that place is beautiful! I can see why it is the final resting place for some famous people like Erma Bombeck and The Wright Brothers! This was my first time visiting this cemetary :)

The awards for first and second place in the photo contest are handed out on Saturday but you can go check out the photos that are on display in the mausoleum main hall.

And yes, Shenanigans occurred!

ABOVE: Wright family resting place / Jim Bucher and I by the beautiful mausoleum window

BELOW: Great view of downtown Dayton from the lookout point