Such a sad day for me, June 25th.  It's sad because on this date four years ago we lost mega-star Michael Jackson.


As a teenager I was a massive MJ fan.  My friend Lori and I would collect photos of him and make collages. We both had these collages on our bedroom walls along with (you guessed it) Rick Springfield, Jack Wagner etc... So my heart was a little broken on June 25, 2009 when I heard that Michael had passed away.

Say what you want about Michael... but if you tell me he was messing with little boys I won't believe a word of it.  I think it's absurd to think that the king of pop was doing anything like that.  I think (you are entitled to your opinion...this is just my own) that he was a mega star who was mega successful and mega rich + a huge heart and eccentric and that made him a very easy target.

Shortly after Michael Jackson's death, some friends of mine rescued a cat from the Sonic parking lot. They had no idea it was about to have kittens but one day there they were...four beautiful kitties plus the Mama cat. Two were black & white, one boy, one girl.  I knew right away I had to adopt these two kittens and I did as soon as they were ready. I would go see them even before their eyes were open so they would get used to my voice.  It took me a few days to name the girl (Meeka) but I already had the name of the boy. MJ. :)

Last Thanksgiving when the "Bad 25" special was on, I watched it with MJ sitting on my lap. I thought to take a picture of my MJ with THE MJ on the TV would be really cool. :)

Think you know who Michael Jackson really was?  I encourage you to take a look at this website: