You know my love of all things Conan O'Brien-Hilarious, great delivery... but also smart enough to surround himself with the best-of-the-best (funniest) staff members.

Of course Andy Richter, Jimmy Pardo, & Deon Cole, but I've recently discovered another REALLY funny writer for Conan named Laurie Kilmartin. (She was also a finalist on "Last Comic Standing"). I found her on twitter for the strangest reason...she was live tweeting from her Father's death bed. Posting pictures and tweeting funny comments as if the worst pain known to a daughter wasn't about to happen. Except, it was. Not everyone was a fan.

I have seen the scrutiny about Laurie's tweeting during such a personal time and I just don't agree.  Funny people are funny, period.  THAT'S her job, her life, her identity which she has obviously worked hard to achieve.  I have lost family members but still had to go on the air and be up-beat and (try to be) funny
even though the pain was there and all too fresh. Regardless, who is to say how one person should or should not go through loss and mourning?

Well today Laurie tweeted the announcement that her Father had passed away. As she thanked people for all of the messages, she said he was bowled over that so many strangers were thinking of him. To those who criticized Laurie for tweeting during these final days I ask you this:

How many people pass away knowing that 42,000 people are wishing their family peace and comfort?  I HOPE someone at my death bed does the same thing. :)


ps... her tweet about 3 hours later was asking if she should correct a friend who wrote "condolences on LOOSING your father". LOL (tempting!)  Confirms my belief that truly funny people are funny no matter what they are going
through. R.I.P. "Ron".

Laurie Kilmartin on twitter: @anylaurie16