Sheryl Orndorf - the cute blond behind me in the photo above....(with Kathy McMonagle, Susan Griffin, me, Sheryl, Dawn Jacobs) is one of my closest friends from school.  She was lucky enough to attend the 28th Annual Rock Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!! Here is the inside scoop that she told me I could share with you:

"Heart was so amazing. I thought about you the whole time and I'm not kidding.  They did "Crazy on You, Dreamboat Annie" and several jams with Rush and the foxy lead singer from Soundgarden, Chris C. They had an intro that supported Seattle's rock inspiration leading to the grunge era...and not to mention putting women on the map in Rock Music...and Family in Rock as well. So many things about them...not only their incredible talent.

Donna Summer's husband and their three beautiful daughters accepted her award. She was so incredible and never saw herself as a diva...she was a hard worker.."She works hard for the money". Appreciated all people and had a soul that sparkled. Jennifer Hudson sang in her honor. FABULOUS!!!!! The video they had included a pair of rollerskates!

Quincy Jones...Girl, Oprah did his induction and sent the place spiriling...I thought Lori and I were going home with some "favorite things" We did seriously. She is such an elegant prescence. Q discovered her for "The Color Purple". There was such a silence during the tearful and ever so poingnant lifetime achievement to our pop-culture. Michael Jackson was all over his video and "Usher" performed in his honor.

Cheech and Chong did the induction for Lou Adler...omg. I thought I was gonna die! Their faces flashing sent the crowd into a tailspin!!!! Lou's induction was so California Beach and 60's style. I loved it. Michelle Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips mother, from the Mamas and the Papas was there, but it was the uncomparable flipping CAROLE KING who performed!!!!!!! Absolute standing ovation!!!! This was my personal favorite induction.

Public Enemy's Flavor Flav - on drugs...took an hour and a half. The crowd screaming 'you #&*$(%( suck...we want Heart and Rush'. Until the crowd stood to its feet chanting "Rush" over and over. I kind of felt sorry for them. Spike Lee did the induction. So their induction took 1/3 of the entire evening until someone on the sound board Podded that voice bus DOWN! Then when Flav got cut off, the crowd went WILD because that meant Heart was up next!!!!

Randy Newman was completely class. So funny. He was inducted by Don Henley, but was joined by Tom Petty,  Jackson Browne and Jon Foggerty when he performed. He was so funny and the speech by Henley was superhumorous. But in the end...Randy said everyone would remember him from the ceremony as the guy who sang a song about Short People who sat between a beautiful woman and Jack Nicholson!!! Then the camera panned to Jack! Crowd Goes Wild!!!!!!

Rush...omg. The Foo Fighters did the induction. They discussed their longevity as a band who keeps playing and listed off all their albums in a many albums as the Foo have in hits!!! This speech was incredibly hilarious and riveting. Then the Foo came out and performed a Rush Tune in White 70's Karate Robes and line that I think is so funny if I can laugh at my own joke is...Can I get a "Hong-Kong 'Foo'ey???? Rush performed their ingeniously written songs and sound identical to their lifelong best. The lyrics and the talent of this three man band has a loyal fan base second only to The Grateful Dead...When Rush, Heart, Chris, The Foo all jammed together, I thought I was in heaven.

I hope this insight is fresh enough for your blog sista! God Bless~Sheryl"

Thank you Sheryl for sharing this with us! xoxo
ps. This just in...I'm gonna retire in Malibu with Sheryl and Lori ;) BONUS - my bff lives out there too!!