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Adele fans may not have to wait much longer for new music. The UK press claims that the singer is planning to release her new album next month, with a new song possibly dropping in the coming days. 

The rumors began after Music News Facts tweeted, “@Adele will release her NEW ALBUM on Nov 8th 2019.” A source then added, "This means that her lead single will drop as soon as next week."

So far Adele has yet to confirm any info about new music.

Pharrell is having some second thoughts about his big hit “Blurred Lines.” While the tune, recorded by Robin Thicke, was a huge hit when it was released, there were some that objected to the lyrics, suggesting they were kind of “rapey,” and while Pharrell originally defended the song, he is now changing his tune.

“I didn’t get it at first,” he tells “GQ,” noting, “because there were older white women who, when that song came on, they would behave in some of the most surprising ways ever. And I would be like, wow. They would have me blushing.”

Because of this Pharrell believed women really liked the song, and didn’t understand the backlash. It wasn’t until he realized that men also use language like “I know you want it” with women that he saw the problem. 

“… it doesn’t matter that that’s not my behavior. Or the way I think about things. It just matters how it affects women,” he shares. “My mind opened up to what was actually being said in the song and how it could make someone feel.” He adds, “I realized that we live in a chauvinist culture in our country. Hadn’t realized that. Didn’t realize that some of my songs catered to that.”

  • ONE MORE THING! Pharrell just announced dates for his second annual “Something In The Water” festival. The fest will take place April 20th to 26th in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with the music portion of the festivities set for the 24th to 26th. A lineup for the festival is expected soon.

Justin Timberlake has been working on new music, and was even joined by Lizzo in the studio. Well, now he’s opened up to “Entertainment Tonight” about what exactly he’s been up to. 

"I just called my publishers and I said, 'You know, I just want to work with young, fresh people, and I want to collaborate more," J.T. shares. "I've been songwriting and producing for so long -- I want to experience that energy, and I want to work with people that I think are truly amazing."

As for working with Lizzo, he says they met at the Songwriters Hall of Fame and discussed working together, with Justin noting, "I think she thought I was lying, but we got in and we got a couple of ideas.” He adds "I'm not going to tell you too much about what we did together in the studio. If she wants to tell you she can, but it's flames. It is so good. I am so excited about it."

Katy Perry dropping new single tomorrow:Katy Perry fans got a big surprise yesterday. The singer announced she’ll drop the new single, “Harleys in Hawaii” tomorrow.

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