Black Cat Runs Onto Field During Cowboys-Giants Game

The “Monday Night Football” game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants at MetLife Stadium was delayed for a minute in the second quarter when a black cat ran onto the field.

Play was stopped as the Giants were driving because the cat was running aroudn on the opposite end of the field. ESPN announcers Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland were loving it, with Tessitore talking about how the black cat could be a bad omen for the Cowboys’ season. McFarland was at his best talking about the cat in football terms, describing its quickness and ability to change direction.

Black cat on the field. The Cowboys to be cursed for another 7 years

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) November 5, 2019

Some state troopers were able to get on the field and direct the cat towards a tunnel, and it finally exited after around a minute, allowing the teams to resume play.

As odd as it is, we’ve seen various animals sneak onto the playing field multiple times over the years.

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