Fan Takes Home Run Ball to the Chest Rather Than Spill His Beers

Life is nothing but a series of choices and we are nothing but creatures trying to make the right decision about whatever comes flying our way.

Like, for example, if you’re at the World Series, a home run ball is flying right at you and you have a beer in each hand, what do you do? Well, if you’re Washington Nationals fan Jeff Adams, you’re obviously an elevated species.

Met with this exact predicament Sunday night during Game 5 of the World Series, Adams took the home-run ball to the chest, didn’t spill the beers and he even retrieved the ball. Behold this moment of fan greatness:


This is D.C., right? Send him directly to Congress and let him solve all of our problems because this guy obviously has it all figured out.

He immediately became a meme, as is part of the path of viral celebrity in 2019 and was acknowledged by Bud Light’s Twitter account:


Fox 5 in D.C.caught up with Adams during the game and he told them — to completely seal his status as our greatest sports fan of 2019 — it didn’t even hurt that much.

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