In honor of Paula Abdul Seeing Keanu Reeves In His Underwear: Rush Rush

Even if it happened 30 years ago, there's no chance you'd forget seeing Keanu Reeves “air guitaring” in his underwear. In case you missed it, Paula Abdul recalled the hilarious moment during her recent appearance on "Watch What Happens Live."

Abdul was filming the video for her song, “Rush Rush" when she walked in on the awkward –or perfect, depending on how you think of it– moment. Keanu was playing her love interest, so the pop star thought she'd stop by his trailer to say hi.

The door was cracked open when she saw her rumored BF gliding around in his tighty-whities. “It was like the funniest thing," she recalls. "I said, 'that's my boyfriend.'"

ONE MORE THING! A caller did come right out and ask Paula if the rumors she dated Keanu during the "Rush Rush" video were true and she responded, "I wish."

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