Pink Ribbon Girls CEO Heather Salazar in PEOPLE Magazine

Here's what Heather said on Facebook:

On the eve of October, we are humbled and honored to share our story and Pink Ribbon Girls mission in People Magazine! This wouldn’t be possible without the PRG family. You all show up and you love big. Thank you for growing! Thank you for giving so much to our community. Thank you for being there for our warriors during their toughest times. 30% of everyone we serve has metastatic breast or gynecological cancers. Breast cancer isn’t pretty. It steals the lives of our friends. Thankful to PRG for providing FREE meals, housecleaning, rides to treatment, and peer support. We have delivered over 82,000 meals and 4,000 rides to treatment so far this year.Lisa WeserPink Ribbon FleetPeople Magazine#grateful#pinkribbon#breastcancerisntpretty

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