Taylor Swift To Be “Mega Mentor” On “The Voice”

Taylor Swift is returning to “The Voice.” The NBC talent competition just announced that Taylor will turn up this season as what they’re calling a “Mega Mentor,” which will have her offering advice to all the teams ahead of the knockout rounds. 

Taylor’s participation was announced with a promo featuring coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton, in which they discuss who could possibly be the new mega mentor. 

“I think the person’s supposed to be one of the most successful people in music,” Legend says, with Blake chiming in, “that’s true, but I can’t be cause I’m already here.” At that point Taylor walks out of her trailer and they say hi, with Legend continuing “I wonder…” before it hits them. 

This won’t be Taylor’s first visit to “The Voice.” She served as a mentor during season seven, and also performed on last season’s finale.

Season 17 of “The Voice” debuts Monday.

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