Taylor Swift & More Featured In Behind-The-Scenes Trailer For "Cats”

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudsonstar in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the musical “Cats,” and fans just got another taste of what to expect. A new behind-the-scenes trailer shows what it took to bring the musical to the big screen, including “cats school” for the actors, and a look at all the different types of dancers that will be in the film.

As for Taylor, who plays Bombalurina, she’s heard saying, “If you told me I was going to get to be a cat for work…WHAT?,’” while James Corden, who plays Bustopher, adds, “You’re going to take a load of people and they’re going to pretend to be cats. If you just say it out loud, it sounds bonkers. But that’s where the most fun happens, really.”

“Cats,” which also stars Idris Elba and Jason Derulo, opens in theaters December 20th.

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