John Travolta Tests His Knowledge Of Limp Bizkit Lyrics

John Travolta plays an obsessed fan in Fred Durst’s upcoming flick “The Fanatic.” While this is the first time the actor has worked with the Limp Bizkit frontman, it turns out he’s a pretty big fan.

During the press tour for the movie, Travolta was quizzed on his knowledge of Limp Bizkit by Consequence Of Sound. He was read some lyrics, and asked to name the song they’re from… and he totally nailed every round.

“I didn’t know Fred could write this well, I didn’t know he could direct as well, and he blew my mind,” Travolta says, “He knew this guy Moose that’s actually loosely based on a real guy and he wrote it with me in mind. He just knew I could portray this guy.”

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