Jason Statham Claims the Rock Wasn't Tough Enough to Handle One Scene

Jason Statham is claiming that The Rock fell prey to motion sickness and had to be digitally inserted into the McLaren scene in Hobbs and Shaw Is it true? The scene is visible in the movie’sfinal trailer, and to be fair, the shadow of The Rock’s head looks a little wonky when you first see himinside the car, but could all of the gunplay inside the car actually be CGI? It seems difficult to pull that off, but here’s what the Statham said with great delightto Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy:

“We had to CG him into the McLaren. One: his arse was too big to get into the seat, and two:he gets very nauseous when we’re going rather fast. Because he’s more used to driving these big lumbering trucks, so anything over 30 miles per hour, he gets a little nauseous …He gets highly motion sick, so we had to CG The Rock into the McLaren. It’s a known fact on set, and now to the world.”

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