Cincinnati Hospital Giving Away 'Baby Shark' Onesies

A hospital in Cincinnati is getting in on the fun of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in a big way. Infants born at The Christ Hospital Health Network from July 28 through Aug. 3, the runtime of the annual shark-centered programming, will be going home in a limited edition Baby Shark Onesie. Meanwhile, the Newport Aquarium, located in Kentucky, will give two free adult tickets to the newborn’s parents.

“Fins up (and tongues out), it’s #BabySharkWeek [The Christ Hospital] and [Newport Aquarium]!” the hospital announced on Instagram. “All babies born at The Christ Hospital today through August 3 will receive this limited-edition onesie and 2 FREE tickets to Newport Aquarium.”

“Even if you don’t have a Baby Shark on the way, you can still join this week’s festivities!” they added. “Keep following along on social, or check our bio link for all the shark-tastic happenings.”

Speaking to CNN about the current fin-tastic present, Bo McMillan, a senior marketing consultant at The Christ Hospital Health Network, explained that the hospital typically gives out special onesies during the holidays.

“We typically pick a holiday in a specific month and give out onesies on that day or the weekend of the holiday," McMillan said. "This is the first time we've done it for a full week."

Deep diving into the experience, a special Snapchat filter has been activated at the hospital's two birthing centers and the aquarium, and the hospital is currently showing a minute-long video of the differences between a human baby and a shark baby set to the tune of the chart-topping children’s song "Baby Shark."

Of course, if you’re not welcoming a baby anytime soon, you can get in on the action of Shark Week by tuning in daily to Discovery Channel. Running from Sunday, July 28 until Sunday, Aug. 4, the aquatic and toothy annual programming slate can be viewed multiple ways.

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