Jennifer Lopez Shares Vulnerable Side In Behind The Scenes Tour Video

Jennifer Lopez shared some behind-the-scenes footage from her “It’s My Party” tour and it seems she’s not always very confident in the performance she puts on for fans.

In one scene the singer shares a moment where she reveals her insecurity about a show, telling fiancé Alex Rodriguez, "It was a tough show for me," revealing that she hit her face and started bleeding while on stage.

But A-Rod proves he’s the always supporting man, telling her "It was the best show I've seen so far," and adding, "You guys killed it! And you showed why you're a champion, baby. You were down and you still came back up and had the best show."

But even with all the support, J.Lo seems to be fighting back tears, noting, “I'm not happy with myself,” which causes A-Rod to respond, "You don't see how great you are. You really have no idea," reassuring her, “Baby, nobody's looking at steps. People are looking at how beautiful you look and how great you sound."

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