Celebs Nail The #BottleCapChallenge

Hollywood is showing off their karate skills with the latest viral video trend, the Bottlecap Challenge. UFC fighter Max Holloway was the first to show everyone how its done, posting a video where he kicks the top off of a bottle with his foot.

Holloway challenged John Mayer,and it’s gone on from star to star from there. So far, Holloway, Mayer,Jason Statham,Whitney Cummings, David Spade, and Diplo have all given the challenge their all, along with fans around the world. Some nailed it, and others…. well, they did their best.

Mayer was one of the stars who nailed it. In the comments of his Instagram post, Spade,Shawn Mendes, Questlove, Bob Saget, John Stamos, Lisa Rinna,and more cheer him on. “Can I do the one where you drink it,” jokes Spade, who offered his take on the challenge with a miniature alcohol bottle.

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