Ed Sheeran's Idea Turned Into New Heinz Ketchup Ad

Ed Sheeran is a huge Heinz ketchup fan and he’s teamed with the company for his very own Edchup bottles. Well, now he’s featured in a new commercial for the condiment, based on an idea that he himself pitched to the company.

The ad has Ed at a “super fancy” restaurant, where he felt the need to add ketchup to his super posh meal, much to the horror of everyone in the restaurant, including the chef.

Ed not only wrote and narrates the ad, he also directed it. He shares on Instagram, “Okay guyz, so it actually happened. I sent a voice note to@heinz, and we made a whole TV spot around it. This is pretty much what I was aiming for in life. ad > stadium tour.”

As for Ed’s Edchup bottles, they are already sold out.

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