Jonas Brothers Reveal The Crazy Stuff That Happened At Joe's Bachelor Party

Joe Jonas celebrated his upcoming wedding to SophieTurner with a bachelor party in Ibiza, and it sure sounds like he and his brothers had a pretty wild time. In case you missed it, the brothers spilled some beans about the party while playing “Know Your Bro” on a recent episode of “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.”

While Joe was wearing noise-cancelling headphones Jimmy asked what was the wildest thing that happened at bachelor bash, to see if Joe could match Kevin and Nick’s answer. First, Nick shared that they had the cops called on them three times on their first night alone, with Kevin noting, “In Ibiza, that shouldn't happen (there)."

Nick also added, “Joe ripped off his shirt in a nightclub, proceeded to rip off two of his friends' shirts in the nightclub,” noting, “He took the cardboard box for 1942, the tequila, and somehow cut it into a bandana so it just said 1942 across his forehead. He wore that on a boat all day long."

And when it came time to see if Joe knew what his brothers he joked, "I'm trying to see if I remember anything,” before guessing right and mentioning the visits from police.

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