New Coke Returning to Shelves Thanks to STRANGER THINGS

Thanks to Stranger Things, a retro soda beverage is being resurrected. New Coke, the much-maligned Coca-Cola product from 1985, will return to shelves starting this Thursday to coincide with the upcoming third season of the Netflix hit series.

As the new season is set during Summer 1985, the inclusion of New Coke was a no-brainer for creators Matt and Ross Duffer, who’ve done an exemplary job of capturing that era in great detail through the soundtrack and various product placements.

In hopes of drawing consumers away from their sweeter Pepsi rivals, Coca-Cola released a reformulated drink in New Coke. The change in taste was met with epic backlash, however. The Atlanta-based beverage company received over 40,000 calls and letters complaining about New Coke; Coca-Cola was even hit with a class action lawsuit.

The feedback was so intense that the company reintroduced the original Coke formula just months later, re-dubbed Coca-Cola Classic. New Coke, or Coke II as it was later named, eventually was discontinued in 2002.

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