Taylor Swift Says 'ME' Video Contains 'Three Tiers' of Easter Eggs

If you think you've discovered most of the Easter eggs in Taylor Swift's over-the-top video for "ME!", believe us, you have no idea how sneaky she truly is. It turns out there are things in there that fans won't truly understand for months.

Speaking to London's Capital FM, Taylor explained that the hints and clues she put in the clip go way beyond stuff that refers to her past and her immediate future. In fact, there are several different levels that will slowly be revealed as we get closer to her album release and beyond.

"Basically, when new music comes out, [fans will] realize there are dozens of lyrical references and symbolic references," she told Capital FM. "I try to do Easter eggs...like...first round is like stuff that they can see that predicts what will happen in a couple months. There's also like second tier Easter eggs, which will be revealed upon the album [release]."

"Then there's third tier Easter eggs," she continued with glee. "Which are the most deeply embedded Easter eggs, which will be, like, shown on the tour."

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