Fans Freaked Out Over a Coffee Cup Left in a GAME OF THRONES Shot

Many of us tune into Game of Thrones to escape the real world—if only for an hour or so. Instead of worrying about your job or your savings account, you can worry about things like how Jon Snow and Daenerys will reconcile the fact that they’re, um, related. But sometimes, the real world has a way of creeping in, and in Season 8, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, a Starbucks cup accidentally ended up in a shot. For real.

The HBO series’ latest episode opened with the gang celebrating their hard-won victory in the Battle of Winterfell. There was drinking, flirting, and general merriment to be had. And it was amid all the festivities that the rogue Starbucks cup could be seen. Somehow, someone forgot to clear it off the table, and a few eagle-eyed observers spotted it sitting in front of Dany as she jealously watched the Northerners praise Jon.

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