Taylor Swift Says Her Mom Is the Only One Who Knows

Taylor Swift FaceTimes in with a media outlet, they think they're going to trick her into revealing some secret about her upcoming as-yet-untitled seventh studio album, and she very sweetly, politely shuts them all the way down.

The latest journalist to attempt the move was BBC Radio's Scott Mills, who chatted Swift up on Thursday morning (May 2) and did his best to crack open some more Easter eggs from the singer's "Me!" video.

"I have so much fun with it. I hope I don’t seem too much like an elf under a bridge making you guess stuff," Swift laughed as Mills wondered when Swifties were finally going to get some more news. "I think music is fun to expand upon...I think it's fun to turn it into a visual element. I like an aesthetic element. I like symbolic messaging. That I feel like makes the music more. More of an experience for fans. At least I hope so. I hope I'm not driving everyone crazy with all these clues." 

"I’m not going to keep it a secret 'til the release, but I want a moment where I tell it all to the fans directly. I’m pretty sure I know when that is going to be, but I haven’t fully nailed it down in my mind yet. I have a couple of days I'm playing with," she said.

The one person who knows where all the secrets are buried, though, is Swift's mom, Andrea. "She does, because I definitely bounce all my ideas off her," the singer said. "She'll tell me what she thinks. She's really good with feedback. She pretty much knows everything. I wouldn’t even have to make her swear [to secrecy], she just lives on a code of secrecy. That’s her main number one rule."

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