Brendon Urie Says It Won't Be 'Too Long' Before Next Album

Brendon Urie has a lot going on, but he won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Speaking to Billboard backstage at Wednesday's Billboard Music Awards, the Panic! at the Disco frontman revealed that his band won't wait "too long" to release another album, the follow-up to 2018's Pray for the Wicked.

"I thought I would take a little more time off, and I'm already starting music," Urie said. "Not with anything planned in mind, but just working on some ideas. I can't help myself. So I don't think it'll be too long before another Panic! record."

"Some are two-minute-long, just instrumentals, some are thirty second voice memos -- gibberish," he added of the potential new material. "Some are inside jokes written on napkins at bars. There's all kinds of different stuff."

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