STRAY CATS: Setzer and Singles

The Stray Cats have released "Rock It Off" as a preview of their upcoming album,40.

Brian Setzer tells Billboard, "I’ve been writing songs for quite a while, and I’m realizing the simplest ones are the hardest ones to write... All the good titles and all the good riffs have been taken. ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen: How simple and beautiful is that? ‘We Will Rock You.’ It’s right in front of your face."

While The Stray Cats have their roots in '50s rockabilly, the album touches on other decades. "Cry Danger" is an homage to 1960s garage rock, with a riff reminiscent of "Day Tripper." The instrumental "Desperado" (not the Eagles ballad) relies on an old-school reverb unit. Brian says he started off writing a song that might fit a '60s "spaghetti western... which funnily enough also coincides with surf music. It’s almost the same thing. It had that great sound. The boys really liked that one, so we went ahead with it."

The Stray Cats will begin the U.S. leg of their 40th anniversary tour August 3rd in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   

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