Sigourney Weaver Visited the Cast Who Turned ALIEN Into a High School Play

Back in March, a New Jersey high school went viral after students turned the horror/sci-fi classic Alien— the original, not any of the hit-and-miss sequels or Predator mash-ups —into their annual play. Even viewed merely over clips on Twitter, it was an incredible production, resourceful and creative — so much so that it earned hosannas from its star, Sigourney Weaver, and its director, Ridley Scott. Now Weaver has done them one better: On Friday she visited the school to deliver her adulations in person.

Rolling Stonecaught tweets that showed video proof of the legendary actress — who earned a well-deserved Oscar nomination for the series’ first sequel, James Cameron’s Aliens— strolling the halls of North Bergen High School, to freak-outs from the student body.

Weaver’s appearance wasn’t a random swing-by: Friday, April 26 just happened to be “Alien Day,” celebrating the 40th anniversary of the chiller that started them all. (Although the film wasn’t released in theaters until May 25, 1979.) North Bergen commemorated by staging an encore performance of their hit play, with an introduction from Ripley herself, who said she was stoked to finally see the production in full.

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