Adam Levine's New Mohawk Divides Fans of THE VOICE

The Voice judge Adam Levine recently unveiled a new mohawk hairstyle, and it is dividing the singer's fans.

Levine went public with the new look on this week's episode of The Voice, with the show's Twitter account sharing a photo beforehand.

Fans immediately started commenting on the Maroon 5 singer's hair, with one person saying that he looked, "So hot!"

"Adam I like your new look," another fan commented, while someone else said, "daddy lookin like a snack."

Not everyone loved the new hairstyle though, as one viewer tweeted, "Whoa, what’s with the hairdo? Mohawks are so over....if your daughters were older they would be mortified!! You look ridiculous!"

"My only question is why did Adam Levine get that hair cut? Was it because one of the contestants had a hair cut like that? Grow up, Adam. You are a father now. Not just a singer," another person commented. "My husband actually liked it. Me NO."

"I love Adam he's pretty cute but this is not my favorite look," one other fan commented, with one Twitter user defending Levine by tweeting back, "If he likes it, and his wife does that's what really matters."

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