Has Taylor Swift Been Secretly Teasing Her New Album For Months?

As we previously told you,Taylor Swift has posted a countdown clock, as well as several hints on social media that something’s coming on April 26th, and she just revealed some more clues. This time she posted what appears to be a picture of pink tulle, as well as a shot of her cats, again with the caption “4.26.”

But it turns out, fans now believe that Taylor has been sending out hints that something big was coming this month for awhile now.

  • First off, fans realized that Taylor’s “reputation” magazine featured a stamp with the date April 13th, which is the date she started her countdown clock. If that was indeed a real clue, that would mean she knew when this album would be coming out while she was still promoting “Reputation.”
  • But that’s not all. Back in October, Taylor posted a picture of her playing Scrabble with her mom, featuring the caption “Let the games BEGIN,” and while some first thought the message was a hint, others now suggest it was Scrabble itself, since April 13th, again the day she posted her countdown clock, was International Scrabble Day.
  • Then there’s the theory about her team’s New Year’s Day post, which featured 115 rainbow emojis. Guess what day is the 115th day of this year? April 26th, the day the clock is counting towards.
  • And finally, in her from last month Taylor shared 30 things she learned before turning 30 and wrote that making lists were “things I’m excited about,” with that being the 26th thing on the list. 

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