McDonald's Customer Successfully Orders 'McPickle' Burger

McDonald’s April Fool’s Day joke turned into reality after a customer successfully order the allegedly fake McPickle Burger.

Tabitha Brandjes found herself achieving the impossible on April 1 when a drive through the McDonald’s drive-thru landed her a menu item that was supposed to be nonexistent.

Brandjes, who was prompted to attempt to order the McPickle Burger after her children were disappointed that it was only an April Fool’s Day joke, revealed in a video on Facebook that with a little bit of a hack, anybody can score the unusual creation.

“Can I order a cheeseburger? Can I have no burger on that and 25 pickles?” the woman in the video is heard asking, clarifying that she would like the pickles on the sandwich when the McDonald’s employee asks if she wants them on the side. “So basically just the cheese and the pickles.”

The woman also placed an order of pancakes before bringing her stash home, where she unwrapped the mythical burger.

“Alright, let’s check it out. Let’s see if we got a McPickle,” she says before unwrapping the burger, her children chiming in with “it’s so beautiful” and that it’s “a moment every parent should remember.”

The review? According to her son, it is “so good” that it will make others “want it so badly.”

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