McDonald's Pranks Fans With Food For April Fools' Day

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and McDonald’s got in on the fun by pulling some food pranks on Instagram. The fast food giant teased fans about their new “dipping sauces,” which were way different than the ones we’re used to at Mickey D’s.

They posted pics of “shake sauces,” which were inspired by milkshakes and the faux products included strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and yes, even a green Shamrock Shake sauce. Most followers got the April Fools’ joke right away and plenty of them commented that the shake sauces were “the grossest April Fools’ ever” and “disgusting.”

But when McDonald’s Australia tried to prank fans down under with a video of its newest menu item,the McPickle, people really liked the sandwich. It seems there are many pickle fans out there who would happily finish off the two-layered burger buns filled with no meat, but plenty of cheese, ketchup, and lots and lots of pickles. Some commenters said they’d “order 1,000” of them, others said it was a “dream come true” and that they “wish it was real.”Sorry pickle fans.

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