Panic at the Disco Drops 'Dancing's Not a Crime' Video

Brendon Urie's puppet doppelganger is back.

Panic! at the Disco has released the video for "Dancing's Not a Crime," and it features the return of The Amazing Beebo, Urie's felt-covered, alcoholic alter-ego.

In the clip, Beebo attends a Panic! show and generally behaves likes a jerk -- he drinks, he pukes, he gets into fights. At the end of the video, Urie finds Beebo on his tour bus, and kicks him off. You can watch it now on YouTube.

Beebo previously made his debut in the Panic! video for"Hey Look Ma, I Made It."

Both "Dancing's Not a Crime" and "Hey Look Ma" appear on the current Panic! album Pray for the Wicked. Urie and company are currently touring Europe behind the record.

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