EMT Dad Teaches His 3-Year-Old How to Perform CPR to 'Baby Shark'

California CPR instructor Chris Pietroforte taught his toddler how to perform CPR to prove that a person of any age can save a life.

Pietroforte recently shared a moving video this link opens in a new tab of his then-2-year-old daughter Saige practicing the life-saving technique on a test-dummy.

“If this beautiful 2 year old can learn CPR/AED, what’s stopping you?” Pietroforte captioned the post of his now-3-year-old.

In the clip, little Saige can be seen giving rescue breaths and chest compressions all on her own.

Over the years, CPR instructors have taught trainees to perform compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees because the song has at least 100 beats per minute— the same rate the American Heart Association recommends for chest compressions.

However, thanks to Pietroforte a new song can be used during CPR training, and it’s the popular children’s song “Baby Shark.”

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