Camila Cabello Shares The 22 Things She’s Learned In 21 Years

Camila Cabello turned 22 yesterday and it prompted her to look back at the past 21 years of her life. In a typed up note she posted on Instagram, she shares 22 of the most important lessons she’s learned in her past 21 years. 

“Call your family!!!" is the top thing on her list. "Call your parents, your siblings. Every time I see my little sister, she looks different. She's an inch taller, uses words I didn't know she knew, she listens to songs I didn't expect her to." She adds, “Little kids in the family show me how fast time is actually passing, you can see it in them physically. Call your parents. We forget they're getting older too."

She’s also learned that life is “complicated" and "messy, and relationships are “complicated,” adding, “the right opportunity comes at the wrong time, you have to do something hard and uncomfortable to be happy.”

Camila also adds, “if you haven’t ever been in love, fall in love with your life, find out what makes your heart race. Read, travel, learn, listen – and it’ll find you.”

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