Selma Blair Opens Up About MS Battle On "GMA"

If you had your eyes on the "Vanity Fair" Oscars after-party red carpet on Sunday, you probably noticed Selma Blair and her bedazzled cane working the cameras. As you might recall, Blair first revealed that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) last August, but now she's opened up about living with the disease to “Good Morning America.”

First of all, if you watch the interview you’ll notice that it seems hard for her to speak – that’s just one of the on-and-off symptoms,spasmodic dysphonia,which is a neurological disorder that affects the voice box. Blair said that she was actually in the middle of a bad flare-up of MS during the interview, which made her a little “scared of talking.” Even so, she jokes she “loves a camera” and is glad to be able to showcase what struggling with MS is like.

Before her diagnosis, Blair’s six-year struggle with the symptoms was getting so bad that she was “self-medicating” - including drinking.Of course last June, she was carried off a plane after mixing meds and booze. But soon after, the diagnosis came - but not before she called up Michael J. Fox wondering if she may have Parkinson’s disease. As Selma explains, the d-x is daunting, but having an explanation for her symptoms after years of being ignored by doc is more of a relief than anything else.

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