John Mayer Replicated The “Vanity Fair” Red Carpet At His Home

John Mayer didn’t have to leave his house to attend the most coveted Oscars party of the year.

“I just want you to know there’s a Vanity Fair red carpet in my house and Halsey’s posing on it,” Mayer said in an Instagram story on Sunday night while standing in front of a convincing replica of the iconic carpet. “This is the most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

The 41-year-old was photographed alongside guests including Halsey, Diplo, Dave Chappelle, Bob Saget and Jeff Ross.

“Last night’s Current Mood: How to be Seen at The @vanityfair Party Without Ever Having to Leave the House and Risking Emotional Vulnerability. A Study in Friendship,”Mayer captioned a series of photos.

In an Instagram Live video,Mayer said he didn’t know if he’d gotten an invite to the real Vanity Fair party — but even if he did, he wanted to stay home.

“I thought I could kill two birds with one party,” he said. “So I built a replica of the Vanity Fair red carpet in my house.”

He also asked Vanity Fair not to be mad at him because he really wants to go to the real party next year.

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