Lady Gaga Pays Tribute to A STAR IS BORN With Giant 'La Vie en Rose' Tattoo

Lady Gaga is paying tribute to the film that scored her a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

The 32-year-old singer took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal a massive tattoo she got on her back in honor of A Star Is Born,which has already racked up plenty of accolades this awards season.

As seen in the pic, captioned "Happy Valentine's Day," Gaga's fresh ink is a beautiful drawing of a rose, surrounded with "La Vie en Rose" in script. The single-needle tattoo is a reference to the first song Gaga sings in A Star Is Born as Ally, when Jackson Maine, portrayed by Bradley Cooper, meets her for the first time.

The New York native also got a smaller sized tattoo on her arm -- musical notes that spell out "G-A-G-A." She revealed to her followers that her "bestie and manager," Bobby Campbell, got a matching one.

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