SNL: Don Cheadle Plays Buddy Cop With Alex Moffat in This Weeks Promo

Don Cheadle warms up for his Saturday Night Live hosting debut with some promo playacting alongside SNL‘s Alex Moffat. In a parody of ’70s buddy cop dramas, the Black Monday star and the SNL player don the blues, chomp some donuts, high-five and fire off a round or two, all without so much as a smidgen of real authority.

“You said whoever hosts the show gets to run security,” a gullible Cheadle tells Moffat.

“No,” says TV’s best Eric Trump impersonator. “I was just suggesting we do a buddy cop sketch or something.” As the two run from real security, Moffat says, “And I don’t think you’re hosting anymore, bud. Ah, you’ll find out.”

Cheadle is indeed hosting the Feb. 16 episode, with musical guest Gary Clark Jr., who is also making his SNL debut. In addition to Showtime’s Black Monday, Cheadle has Avengers: Endgame arriving in theaters April 26.

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