Meghan Trainor Walked Down the Aisle to One of Her Own Songs

At her December wedding, Meghan Trainor walked down the aisle to one of her own original songs — and she just released it!

On Friday, the pop star dropped  The Love Train , a new EP that includes Trainor’s own ukulele-backed wedding song “Marry Me.” But the Grammy winner hadn’t planned on sharing the track with the world.

“I never thought I would release it,” Trainor says of the sweet ditty. “There’s a place online where my fans — they’re so smart — they can go see what songs are registered. So they’ll see a list of titles and be like, ‘What is ‘Marry Me’? Release it now!’ So they’ve known about that for a while, and they’ve been begging for it. I was like, ‘Ooh, they’re never gonna hear that.'”

Trainor adds: “But when I walked down the aisle to it, I was like, we gotta get this out somehow, in some special way. I’m excited because it might be nice for other people if they wanna walk down the aisle to it.”

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