Pink Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Pink was honored yesterday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the 2,656th star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Actress Kerri Kenney-Silver was on hand to celebrate Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, joking that she had so much to say but “unfortunately none of it is about the singer Pink,” and then thanked her for being “the best friend I could ever imagine.”

Ellen DeGeneres was also on hand to pay tribute to her good friend, joking, about what she knows about the singer, noting, “shy, lazy, quiet, timid, one’s every used those words to describe you,…only me.” She later called Pink the “most normal, grounded person you’ll ever meet.”

When it was Pink’s time to speak she said she felt like she was dreaming and noted “if anyone pinches me I’m going to punch them in the left eyebrow.” She then added, “I feel like a lot of people probably only ever thought I’d make it to the walk of shame, but here I am. Two little letters make such a big difference.”

Pink then looked back at her career, sharing, “I thought I could have a hit record, but I never thought in my wildest dreams I could have two decades of this insane fun with a family of people that I loved…and experience what I have with each of you guys out there,” gesturing to her fans.

She also added, "Today, for me, is a celebration of something that my dad taught me, and that is, 'To thine own self be true. If you walk along this boulevard and you look at these names, there's a power that lies in that. There's a power in believing in yourself, there's a power in not giving up on life and on not giving up on yourself. " Check out the ceremony to the right.

ONE MORE THING! Proving Pink's mommy duties never stop, just before she was about to take the stage her son Jameson walked up to her for a hug and she was caught wiping his runny nose, something Ellen joked about in her speech. Jameson wanted to be with mommy so much, that he wouldn't go to his dad Carey Hart, and Pink was forced to hold him as Kerri Kenney-Silver was giving her speech about the singer.

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