The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of Summer Share 'Who Do You Love?' Teasers

There's a lot of activity going on at Camp Chainsmokers. The California duo is deep in the content creation machine, teasing new tunes with Blink 182 and sharing vlog footage of daily life. Recently, they teased what appeared to be new single artwork, an x-ray of a chest filled with fluttering butterflies. Now, we get a double-tease from The Chainsmokers and power pop-punkers 5 Seconds of Summer for what appears to be a new tune called "Who Do You Love?"

The band appears in a short video clip on Twitter trudging through some psychedelic landscape. The group finds a wild Alexa in the dust and follows The Chainsmokers on Amaong Music. The Chainsmokers' video is a lot more normal. We see the duo's Drew Taggart and Alex Pall sitting in their studio complaining about a lack of inspiration. When Taggart asks Pall who he's been listening to lately, Pall calls 5 Seconds of Summer "a vibe right now." They follow the band on Amazon Music, too.

Clearly, Amazon Music is a vehicle for the new single. We have yet to hear an official release date, but we'd expect "Who Do You Love?" to hit Amazon Music by the end of this week. It's a first collaboration for the two musical acts. 

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