BOY GEORGE: Sheds Hat and Makeup in New Video

An older, wiser and sober Boy George might surprise you with his new video.

The usually flamboyant '80s star even appears without his hat and makeup in part of the clip for "Life," the title track from Culture Club's new album.

He tells the BBC, "20 years ago, I would have been much more bothered about what people thought about the way I looked...but I've worked on making myself less uptight."

The song itself shows a maturity and depth never heard in his signature hits "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me." With lyrics about hope and redemption, it's clear that the 57-year-old is eager to change the way the public thinks of him.

So far, Culture Club have announced just two shows for 2019, but with a new album out, they seem likely to tour. 

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