Pepsi Drops Super Bowl Ad Teasers

Cardi B and Lil Jon will both appear in Pepsi's Super Bowl ad, along with Steve Carell.  The beverage company has released teasers for the ad starring all three celebrities.

In the teaser featuring Cardi, she's sitting at a table in a diner with a can of Pepsi in front of her, and tapping her nails -- painted Pepsi blue and red -- on the can.  Cut to a graphic reading "02.03.OK," as we hear Cardi's signature "Okurrrrrrr!"

In Lil Jon's teaser, he's standing behind the counter at a diner wearing a Pepsi varsity jacket, filling up a cup of Pepsi, which appears to be bottomless.  Then he says his "OK!" catchphrase, as we again see the graphic "02.03.OK."

In the teaser with Carell, he's sitting at the diner counter, reading the script for the commercial.  He starts laughing, looks at the camera, shrugs and says, "We'll see!"  Then the graphic "02.03.OK" appears.

From the teasers, we can assume that the spot is based around the expression "O.K." -- which explains why Cardi and Lil Jon are included.

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