MARY POPPINS RETURNS: Behind-the-Scenes of Bathtub Scene Is WILD

Just when you thought Mary Poppins couldn't get any more magical, Disney blows your mind once again.

Even if you haven't seen the recently-released Mary Poppins Returns, chances are you're familiar with a scene that shows Emily Blunt as the titular character herself sliding backwards and disappearing into a bathtub brimming full of bubbles. While many fans assumed the trick to be made with CGI or some other type of special effect, Blunt revealed that the clever stunt actually involved a hole in the bathtub that led to a full-on slide.

As it turns out, the bubbles were all actually there, and Blunt herself "really did" do the stunt.

"We built practical sets that we could very much interact with and be a part of," Blunt explained at a question and answer panel for the movie. "So what they did with this bath was — which the kids thought was the best thing ever — was that they actually carved the hole in the bottom of the bath and had a slide that went under the stage."

She further explained that it was a steep drop, making it a bit scary for a grown adult to tuck themselves into. "But it was a drop, I'm gonna tell you. It was fast and steep."

"And then they filled up the bath with bubbles. They must have done it like 20 times. The kids were like, 'Let me do it again!'" she said, to laughter from the crowd, adding that two times were enough for her. "I think I did it twice."

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