Taylor Swift Gives Shout Out To Elisabeth Moss

Taylor Swift is apparently a huge fan of Elisabeth Moss, and even surprised her with a personal message that aired on E!. It seems Taylor had heard that Moss listened to her music while filming “The Handsmaid Tale” and couldn’t believe it.

“I just wanted to do this video as a shout-out to Elisabeth and to say thank you so much for saying in an interview that you listened to my music when you were shooting 'Handmaid's Tale' because I'm a huge fan. I'm obsessed with the show,” she said. “When I heard that, it literally was like a day that like all my friends and my mom called me to tell me that you said that because they know how much I love the show.”

She added, “So I just want to wish you good luck tonight. I hope you have the most amazing Golden Globes night. Would love to meet you someday. I just wanted to say thank you."

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