Macaulay Culkin Reprises Kevin McAllister, Recreates Classic HOME ALONE

Macaulay Culkin has been on something of a nostalgic streak of late. Earlier this week, he joined Angry Video Game Nerd to revisit the numerous Home Alone-inspired video games from his yesteryears. Now, the child actor-turned-pizza punk rocker has reprised his iconic character in a new holiday ad for Google Home.

The minute-long clip imagines Kevin McCallister enjoying a day home alone. Though now an adult, he engages in many of the same activities of his youth — such as shaving, jumping on his bed, ordering pizza, and watching Angels With Filthy Souls while eating a bowl of ice cream. For the most part, the clip stays pretty true to form in recreating classic Home Alone scenes, though are are a few modern updates; a cutout of Kevin Durant is used in lieu of Michael Jordan.

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