HUEY LEWIS: Not Performing, But Definitely Busy

Though a hearing issue has kept Huey Lewis off stage this year, he's still a busy guy.

He was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Saturday night as the grand marshal of the city's Winterfest Boat Parade.

And, in a nod to his Back to the Future soundtrack classic "Power of Love," he rode the Intercoastal Waterway in a neon-decorated boat designed to resemble the movie's iconic DeLorean sports car.

Huey tells that Ménière’s disease is still a problem. "What I’ve got is a roar down low, like a jet engine, and the lower frequencies distort... I can’t hear music and I can’t sing." 

With his performing career on hold, he's concentrating on the jukebox musical The Heart of Rock and Roll, which had a successful six-week tryout this fall in San Diego. With audience response that was "off the charts," Lewis says, "It was all sold-out and standing ovations every night... It’s really good, I’m telling you. And we’re gonna make it even better."

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