Nevada City Cooks Up 5,039-Pound Serving of Nachos

Las Cruces, NV -- A Nevada city announced it cooked up a 5,039-pound serving of nachos to break a Guinness World Record.

The City of Las Cruces said the 110-foot-long serving of nachos was prepared Saturday at the Plaza de Las Cruces as the centerpiece of the Noche de Nachos event.

The preparation of the world's largest serving of nachos involved around 20 volunteers spreading 900 pounds of chips, 450 pounds of salsa and 2,200 pounds of cheese along with heaps of ground beef, sour cream, beans and jalapenos.

Marci Dickerson, owner of The Game Sports Bar & Grill and one of the event's sponsors, said the resulting dish topped the current Guinness World Record holder, a 4,689-pound, 80-foot long serving of nachos cooked up in 2012 at the University of Kansas.

Officials said documentation of Saturday's event has been submitted to Guinness for official certification.

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