Man Sews All of His Clothes Into Giant Coat to Avoid New Carry-On Fee

One U.K. man had a creative solution to avoiding a carry-on bag fee during a recent flight.

Ryanair passenger Lee Cimino claims he booked his flight to Belfast two days after the airline made changes to their baggage fees. Under the new policy, non-priority customers must pay between £6 and £8 ($7.88 and $10.51) each way to bring a roller bag on board.

So instead of packing in a bag, Cimino hatched a plan to avoid the fee all together by sewing all of his clothes into a bulky coat.

“I was properly annoyed,” he says of the new fee in a video posted to his Facebook that went viral on social media.

Cimino found a tailor who helped him create pockets using some of his old clothes inside the lining of his coat. He wore the coat to the airport, stuffed with all of the clothing, toiletries and essential travel needs that would have been in his carry-on.

“This is never going to work,” Cimino admits during the video as he heads to the flight. “It sticks out like a mile. I’m actually quite nervous.” He doesn’t clarify how he managed to pass through security without raising suspicion.

Once he gets to the boarding lane, he gets concerned because the attendants seem to be “properly checking” everyone’s luggage to make sure it fits, but while the video cuts out for the moment ha he passes the crew, Cimino is able to board without issue.

“Yes!” he exclaims triumphantly on his way to the plane. “Haha!”

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